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About the Emergency Fund

The Church's Partners Foundation Inc (CPF) Emergency Fund is available to employees who have been directly impacted by severe hardship, crisis, or catastrophic incident. Emergency Fund resources are designated for crisis situations including:

  • fire

  • natural disasters

  • funeral costs

  • and other financial hardships


All current Church's system employees are eligible for grants from the CPF Emergency Fund, provided they complete an application demonstrating how they have been impacted by a qualifying event, substantiate their expense, and prove their lack of financial resources. Grant recipients are selected based on their application, tenure with the brand, and competing emergency fund requests. After you submit your application and all qualifying documents, a member from HR will contact within 10 business days.

Donate to the Emergency Fund 

1. Enroll in Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is the easiest and most effective way to give to the Church's Partners Foundation. Using this method, 100% of your donations go towards the mission of the Foundation instead of bank charges or processing fees. Your information is safe and requires no additional effort beyond initial registration. To sign up for payroll deduction, return your completed Employee Deduction Form to



2. Online

Making a one-time donation is safe and easy! 


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